Journal October 2022

Listening now to birdsongs new
Calling, soaring high
No ominous clarion in the sky
Abated fears, considered are few
Consideration, confirmation I await
Time for others to debate
No doubts from me, I now mew

I am Earth and air and sea
Why, none can come to follow me
Yet some may show that with such care
There is no cause to now despair
We are of Earth and sea and air
We are one at peace and fair
We are of love; are kind and tender
We covet not those robes of splendour.

And merciful in our various bids
We’ll teach you now for your kids
You too can learn to run, to swim and fly
Beyond that heaven, beyond that sky
We are conjoined a holy three
We are all in you and me
We are all history and rebirth
We are the sea, the air, the Earth.