Project of the Month: October 2021

1. Introduction: The nights are closing in

January 24th 2021: My prompt was ‘Foiliage’

As we enter into Autumn, the daylight hours get shorter, nature de-cloaks her beautiful mantle in a last flourish of colours to gently ease our transition to colder nights indoors and bids most of us farewell, while she too rests up so she can welcome us afresh the following spring.

The autumn leaves bids us rest as their hues fade to indicate we should slow down, replenish, reflect, review over the far colder winter season. Perhaps she does too. The solar lights in our gardens no longer last the night until her cloak is shed. Often not even then.

It got me thinking.

Light Sound

I see a light like a spring morn dawning
Soothing sounds, I hear songs calling Compelling, rising throngs warming

I see a light like a summer's soft dew; Silent sounds, I hear still seas - Sizzling radiance, sharp hue breeze.

I see a light like an autumnal colour; Stormed sounds, I hear burst thunder Spouting, sweeping cloud pallor under.

I see a light like a winter's spun frost; Iced sounds, I hear slowing pace - Muffled sheets of blanket tossed lace.

I see a light and hear sounding - My heart shifts to soul pounding.