Project of the Week

Project #1

Replacement pots.

My first project of this year is to remake a couple of pots I have mislaid rather carelessly. The first is a vase which took two attempts to make and I’ve since lost the bowl which I used as a mould. It was by far and away my favourite design of any pot I made so I thought I’d make a bowl instead although I’m tempted to do a set if time permits.

The second missing piece is a figure which roughly looks like the one above. It’s the closest I could manage but as ever when trying to replicate spontaneity, it seldom works well. The original was a bit more sensuous and had a greater sense of movement. I didn’t think I had even an image of it so when I found one (complete with broken head) I realised the legs were the wrong way round. If I ever find the original they’ll make a nice pair.

Both these pieces were made over ten years ago so I’m not surprised they’ve got lost which is a shame as they were two of my favourite pieces. So long as these both dry out in time I hope to bisque fire by the end of the week and glaze for the final firing at the weekend.