Still waters

Still waters seldom run deep

Still waters seldom run deep
At best they fester consigned to sleep Stagnation as lethargy doom ridden creeps
Parched of life where death will seep

Still waters rarely run deep

Turmoil and turbulence race instead
A life giving sustenance like well kneaded bread
Clearing and cleansing a traumatised head
Far better such rapids so all can be fed
Waves and trickles mourn the dead.

Still waters do not run to spurt

Sputter to sprinkle, gurgle but hurt
No current to revive a constant shirt Shallow it’s song, so lame. Inert
Still water trades only in grime and dirt

No pollutant in stillness can escape Lost cries will drown to never awake No soft caress will still waters make Still waters are aghast in horror agape Devoid of hope, unmoved til we shake To end its faults and our mistake.

Bit… Moralistic and indulgent I feel. Still… It kinda moves! I like the first verse at least. Nowt so critical as the artist of their work.