Techniques and Genres


Stretching Paper

To avoid paper getting crinkle once wet you first need to wet it, tape it down to a clean smooth drawing board with gum strip and then let it dry. For fresh paper I use the bathroom tap water. For a good soaking, but with thinner paper you need to be much gentler to avoid tears.

You can also do the same with work that has already suffered that fate if you’re careful but only gently wetting the back of it with a damp cloth. Ensure you protect the artwork side first as you lay it flat on a clean surface. Carefully then place it on a board and tape it gum strip. Be aware you will loose a bit of the edges of your page by taping it down. In both cases once dry again, you then cut the artwork free and trim.

Here’s a link for good measure.

The use of texture in art gives a work another dimension not least because of the way it will dramatically change when lit from different angles when the texture is deep. There is no limit to what you can add from textiles to, plaster, metals, wood, sand, grit and layers of paper and card. Luckily I found this link to tell you more.